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No more pink and blue: neutral nursery ideas

Decorating a nursery is a fun part of preparing for the arrival of your baby. Nurseries are designed to be comforting to a baby, as well as providing stimulation by offering a variety of things to look at and interact with. This is why nurseries are often themed, and contain a variety of toys, types of furniture, and pieces of art. However, while many parents opt for typical decor that matches certain gender stereotypes, such as having a pink room for girls, and a blue room for boys, others may prefer to have a neutral nursery for their baby. This may be for several reasons. They may not wish their child to be limited to certain colors or themes, or they may not know the sex of their child, and would prefer to have a neutral nursery as a result.

Fortunately, there are many neutral nursery ideas that you can take advantage of when putting together a nursery for your new baby. One of the first things you'll want to think about when preparing your neutral nursery is the particular color scheme you want to use. While pink is generally out when considering a neutral nursery, you can still consider using blue, particularly when in tandem with other colors. Lively colors such as yellows and oranges can be very stimulating for a baby, while colors such as greens and pastels can be quite relaxing. You could consider using a combination of lively and relaxing colors in your baby's room, too. In addition, you could consider painting the room in stripes, using wallpaper, or decorating the walls according to a particular theme.

Some of the more effective neutral nursery ideas involve themes. Rather than opting for a simple pink or blue color scheme, you can instead choose a theme to suit your baby. This way you can easily organize the nursery around a pre-selected theme that matches your own tastes as well as what you want for your baby. Some parents make like the idea of an ocean or naval theme, for example. They may opt for a room that reflects this in terms of the paint color, the furniture, and decorations such as mobiles and other toys. Other parents may prefer a theme such as a jungle or desert theme. These can easily incorporate different animals and patterns for your baby to get to know and learn the names of.
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